Volunteer Descriptions

Board positions are held for 1 year, and are nominated and elected each August or September.
Please read the descriptions below and consider whether you are willing to give your time and talent to the Club.  Any questions, please contact Cindy and I’ll be happy to answer to my best ability.
President Duties

Run meetings discussing any business, coordinate activities such as parties, annual election potluck, keep group updated on any news or activities, authorize any purchases for the club. Survey group and take votes on changes to what charities we support, whether we’re continuing to provide batting and backing for charity quilts, and so forth. 

The President and the Treasurer are on the checking/savings account for the Club which is held at the Royal Credit Union

*Currently Cindy is managing the website and putting content and show and tell pictures on it.  This is not a regular part of the President’s duties.

Vice-President Duties

Filling in for the president, running the meeting as necessary if President unable to attend.  Providing support and help in decision making for any Club related business.

Secretary Duties

Taking notes and pictures of show and tell at each meeting and sending out meeting minutes to the Club members.  Sending out any other communications as requested by the President or Vice-President to Club members.  **We currently put out a sheet for members with show and tell to put information on weekly, so including this info in the minutes is easier.

The minutes are formatted as a summary of any business that was discussed, and detail of show and tell.  Our current minutes contain contact information for the officers at the bottom, which I think is helpful and should be continued.  I would like to see the managing of our website turned over to the Secretary, if possible. It requires only basic skills to manage.

Treasurer Duties

Putting any monies from member purchases, donations, 50/50, etc. in the checking account at RCU as it accumulates.  Keep log of monies received for any future questions on monies deposited. (There is a green pouch with a small notebook that will be passed along).  Occasionally there will be expenses, such as batting purchases.  Get a receipt for records, and issue a check as needed.  Show President the monthly checking account summary for review.

Currently we are collecting $1.00 each meeting and donating it to the church where we meet.  A pouch with past years’ checking statements and other receipts will be passed along to the new Treasurer.

Treasurer-Quilt Show Responsibilities

You will need to send out checks for advertising, and half of the venue rental, prior to the show.  Make an envelope for that years’ quilt show and keep all receipts and information gathered together.  As checks are given to you for vendor fees, make sure to log them in the back of the small binder, or journal you choose to use. Start a page for that years’ show. Vendor manager should have already put a copy of their check on the back of their Vendor Agreement, but it never hurts to have a duplication of information. Either keep a written list, or spreadsheet, of checks that come in.

Get $150 in various bills for each of 2 cash boxes for show a couple of days in advance.  The cash box for the boutique will need more 1’s, 5’s and 10’s for change.  No change will be needed, as prices are not to be rounded up to even numbers.  This eliminates the need to try and deal with coin!

The box at the front for entry fees doesn’t need any 1’s.  Just 5’s, 10’s, and a few 20’s as the entry fee is $5.00.

Periodically throughout the 2 days, pick up monies from boxes so a large amount doesn’t accumulate.  Keep 2 separate envelopes labeled and mark down how much money you put in at what time and date on the envelope.  Check their change needs at that time. Have Show Chair count with you what monies you’ve picked up throughout the 2 days, log, and take home with you.

At the end of the 2 days, collect monies from both boxes and take home.  You will need to create a detailed sheet with the total amount of money collected for entry fees and also from the boutique.  The Club members get 90% from their sales and the Club gets 10%.  Last year I wrote checks for the members’ profits, as I thought it would be easier to track and not dealing with cash and change.  In the past, it has been taken from the profits and put into envelopes and handed out to members at the next meeting.

Make your deposit and record it.  I have created a spreadsheet for the details of the show for each year to be entered in, for reference.  That will be passed along to the next President.  If you are unable to create a Financial Summary Sheet or input all expenses/income in the spreadsheet created, ask for assistance.  Copies of the Revenue/Expenses sheet is presented at the meeting to elect next year’s officers, generally held a week or 2 after the show.  Have 15 copies made, ask if someone can print off of their computer, or Diana has the club’s printer at her home.  Bring the checkbook with you to that meeting, and let us know if you’d like to continue in the position for the next year.  If not, another volunteer will hopefully come forward.

Meet with Quilt Show Chairperson at fairgrounds to pay the final bill for the show/venue rental.

Quilt Show Position Outlines

Quilt Show Chairperson

This position requires a person who is organized and a good communicator, and good at follow-up of other parts being managed by club volunteers tasked with them – Vendor acquisition and communication, Advertising, intake of quilts, put up and take down of quilts, and so on.

Contact Marlee to get price for venue and lock in the dates at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.  They will provide you with a contract and pricing for the current year, and you can refer to past forms to help decide # of tables, chairs, PA system, based on vendors and if food area will be set up.  In 2020 we didn’t set up food area.  Enlist the help of other members to handle Advertising and Vendor acquisition and management.  See more detailed descriptions below.

Cathy Lexvold has been responsible for putting up the hanging system and receiving quilt entries in the past. Caryl Laubach has been typing up the Quilt Information Forms that get clipped to each quilt entry.

There is a sheet to get volunteers signed up for the 2 days of the show.  The more the merrier!  This will include getting exterior signs put up in advance of the show; a crew to put up tables for, and help receive the quilts and put their information sheet on them. They will then be placed on tables arranged in order of how they will be hung; putting hangers on the quilts and hanging the in order based on their tag.  This activity is important to have as many members on hand as possible, as it’s a big task.  Other duties include the front table taking money, the boutique, roamers to relieve vendors if necessary, and someone to announce and help with giveaways.  Make sure you know how to operate the PA system from Rusty prior to the show.

We have been able to make copies of flyers and other items, at the church where we meet.  We, in turn, give them a donation.  I believe last year it was $50.  Get group to help cut and staple things during a meeting before the show. In 2022 we had the bookmarks done at Office Depot for $77, they did the copying and cutting for 600 bookmarks. I think it’s worth the expense personally.

The Viewers’ Choice quilt gets invited back to display at next year’s show.


For the past 2 years I’ve been involved, the Co-Chair has managed the volunteers and system for checking out of the quilt entries.  This position generally serves as a backup and support for the Chairperson.

Vendor Manager

December of prior year of a show– look to acquire vendors. There is a Vendor spreadsheet up in our Drive account with information on vendors contacted and acquired in the past. The person taking this position should have good organization skills and the gift of gab (persistence and follow up!)  Chairperson to assist Vendor Manager as needed and follow-up to make sure progress is being made and get updates on who has signed up. See previous vendor lists in quilt show materials for contact information on past vendors.  Give them 1st priority.  *Bolts of Fun informed us they won’t be vending anymore. Contract and insurance forms remain standard to send them.  When first contacting them, get commitment, then send forms and get payment.  **Will check to see if there is a deadline or if they need to pay when submitting paperwork. Track their payments and have treasurer deposit, noting they are quilt show vendors.  When return insurance form and check, photo copy check to the back of the insurance form. This year we started uploading the Vendor contracts and insurance forms into our Drive account for convenience.

Advertising (April/May timeframe)

The person taking this task should be detail oriented, organized and comfortable with talking to people.  See sheet for who we used for advertising in previous years.  Also contact local quilt guilds to help spread the word.   

First we will send out a letter and flyers copied on the green paper that is with our supplies (at Diana’s house), to local Quilt Shops.  The Register is a good reference for this.  *Cindy also has a label list made up on her computer you can use.  It is important to get these out before the Wisconsin state shop hop. We have made copies (around 150) of the flyer in the past, at the church where we meet, and gave them a donation for the cost. Purchase manilla envelopes (currently 17 in inventory) and mail out 2 months before the show.  Give out extra flyers to members and ask them to put up in places around the community.  Remember you can place the show on free calendars, such as the Volume One paper and Chamber of Commerce, Go Chippewa.  Also, give ad to the Fairgrounds for placement on their calendar of events and their website.  Last year Volume One did a story on us!  Never hurts to ask.  Contact Eau Claire and Holcombe quilt guilds to have them put the word out. 

Contact via phone or email to place ads.  Sometimes you have to be persistent and follow up.  Obviously, the success of the show is reliant on how much advertising we can get out there.  It can get expensive, so you must use discretion.  If in doubt about the cost for an ad, get approval or discuss with Chairperson.  Get payments for ads from Treasurer and give receipt for them for documentation.  Cindy did this job in 2020, and Donna and Kathy Brekke have also done in the past.

Front Table Duties

Tickets are given out at the front table, when receiving entrance fee, for door prizes.  Also, they receive a sheet with the Voter’s Choice slip on in.  Instruct them to pick their choice and place the ticket in the box by the exit doors.  Take their 5 dollars for entry fee.  Chairperson will verify what age doesn’t have to pay.  Mark their ticket – fee only covers both days if they keep their ticket. It has been only one day, but I believe it will be beneficial to the vendors if we allow them to come for both days, if they wish. Who will come back to get that fabric they saw and couldn’t decide on if they have to pay another $5.00? That’s my opinion.  We have surveyed people coming in, in the past, as to where they found out about the show, for advertising targeting.  Chairperson will verify whether we will be doing that.

Make and Take Table

We have had make and take projects that were provided free, and it was very successful and well received in 2019.  We didn’t do in 2020 because of covid.  This will be re-evaluated for 2022 Show.

Take Down/Closing

Recruit a large crew of volunteers, as the closing of the show is fast and furious!  As soon as the show is closed, the take down of the quilts begins.  They are sorted by their row letter on the floor, on sheets or tarps. 

Have 2 tables next to each other up in front of doors coming in.  Have seats available for exhibitors to sit in while we take down and sort quilts for pickup.  Give them a number when they come in and tell them to have a seat and we will call them back to find their quilts. **Also announce before we start calling people back to find their quilts, NOT to remove the tags on their quilts and they must have their claim tickets. If they remove the tags from their quilts they will need to stay until all other quilts have been claimed.**

They then need to proceed to the front tables and present their claim checks.  These are then checked against the tags on the quilts they have brought up to take.  This must be done accurately and with precision.  They will be in a rush, but you just have to resist moving to fast and possibly sending someone home with a quilt that doesn’t belong to them.  Tall men are very helpful in this phase 😉

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