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Membership Information

The information below is to help acquaint you with the benefits of Club membership.  Here is a Link to the Membership Form is you would like to join right away or you can visit our meetings a few times before joining. We hope to see you soon!

Currently it is a lifetime membership of $15. Batting is provided by the Club, if used in charity quilts.

Stitching Pals currently supports 3 charities.  The Club provides batting, you provide the backing. Cancer Kids – Sharon Volrath and Diana Wilhelm quilt these for no fee.  Spirit of Christmas – these quilts are done by Rich Webber.  We also now support the Sleep in Heavenly Peace chapter here in Chippewa Falls.  If you aren’t familiar with them, check out their Facebook page.  These quilts should be approx. 60×80 and boy quilts are needed more than girls currently.

These charitable members, who give of their time and talent, have batting on hand. Give them a call and set up a time to get your quilts to them.  Sharon goes to a hospital in the cities once a year, in early Fall, and obviously Rich’s work peaks before Christmas.  Cindy is happy to help with smaller quilts (below 50×50) if others are backed up, or happy to do tying.

One of our fabulous members, Diana, brings fabrics she has ordered from Marshall Dry Goods, which can be purchased for your backings.  It is much, much, much cheaper to do this than buy 108” backings from retail shops.  We, as of Nov. 1, also have a grey and a tan 108” bolt generously donated for use by the club for our charity quilts.  We have a small stash of donated fabrics to dig through.  Diana brings fabrics in on the 1st and 2nd Mondays, or contact her to see what she has on hand.  We try to make your charitable works not make a big dent in your wallets.

Diana Wilhelm, Sharon Volrath, Rich Webber, Alex Trekas and Cathy Lexvold have long-arm businesses.  Feel free to contact them with your quilting needs and for pricing and options.

Quilt size suggestions:  Baby is considered in the size range of 30 x 40; Toddler is considered in the range of 40 x 50; Teen and older 50 x 60.  For Sleep in Heavenly Peace they wish the quilts to be a minimum of 60 x 80 because they build twin sized beds.

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