How do you Organize your Sewing Room? UPDATED

At a recent meeting, I gave a quick way I organize my small tools I always grab for. It keeps them at my fingertips and makes it easy to put them back where I’ll find them every time (if I remember to put them back where they belong!). I bought a couple of small baskets from resale store, and a bag of pinto beans.

Share your organization tips in the comments space below this post – inquiring minds want to know…

Since you can’t add pictures in the comment box, I’m posting an update with a couple of organization tips from Charlotte. Her hubby made her an organizer for her sewing cabinet door that looks like it works really well in keeping the clutter at bay. Also, she repurposed a small bookcase and added an ironing top to it so it serves a dual purpose.

What are your organization tips…come on and share!

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